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Llys Raddington
Extra Care Scheme

Llys Raddington
Extra Care Scheme

Contact Centre:
0800 1835757
For cheaper calls from a mobile:
01745 536800

Working in partnership with Fflintshire County Council
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How to Apply

How do I apply for Extra Care housing?

If you are interested in being considered to rent an apartment at Llys Raddington Extra Care Scheme, then please contact our customer service team to register your interest in the scheme You will be sent an application form to complete in May or June of 2017. We are not seeking application forms before this date as the details will be out of date before they can be properly considered.

Step 1: Contact our Customer Service Team

Call: 0800 1835757
or for cheaper calls from a mobile, call: 01745 536800


Help with your application

If you feel you need help with your application or understanding of the Extra Care process, please let the Customer Service Team know. The team can provide advice and support where it is needed. If you would like someone to act on your behalf, for example your son or daughter, please contact us and this can be arranged.

Step 2: What happens next?

Once your application form has been completed the information will be processed and we will assess your application against our first stage ‘Eligibility Criteria’. You should be 60 years of age or older, live in the Flintshire County Council area, and have a care or support need. If you meet our Eligibility Criteria, you will be informed in writing, and will move onto the ‘Allocation Process’.

Please note, if there are any changes in your circumstances from the date of application to the opening of the scheme, please inform us immediately, as they could affect your application.

Those who do not meet our Eligibility Criteria will also be informed in writing. 

Step 3: How is Extra Care housing allocated?

In order to maintain a balanced community, the allocation of Extra Care housing is determined by a panel made up of representatives of the Council's Adult Social Care department, the on-site Care and Support provider, and Clwyd Alyn Housing Association. Other professionals may be invited onto the Panel as required e.g. District Nurse manager, in order to assist the Panel to make well informed decisions.

This panel will seek to ensure that properties are allocated to reflect the care and support that is available at any one time. Housing and assessed care needs are also considered as part of this process, but are not the only deciding factors, as we aim to maintain a balanced community of those with low, medium and high care needs

Step 4: How will I know if I’m going to get a property?

The panel will meet and decide who will be allocated apartments. If the panel allocate a property to you, we will let you know and you will be able to view the available apartments off-plan, or view a show flat depending upon availability.  You can then decide if you wish to accept the offer of accommodation.  If there are no current vacancies you will be put onto a waiting list until a suitable vacancy arises , appropriate  to your needs.

If you are interested in applying for Extra Care Housing and would like further information about the costs and options available, please click here.

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